US educators in webinar with NDLA

 OECD interest in OER initiatives

The background for this is OECD’s increased interest for open learning resources (OER).  OECD have recently considered a number of OER efforts in various countries. In this respect, NDLA was presented to OECD at a meeting in Paris in January 2015.
See  the NDLA presentation here.

OECD are naturally very interested in OER initiatives in the USA, which have been the pioneering nation in the development of open learning resources.  Representatives from USA invited NDLA for a webinar in April 2015. The participants were educational leaders from a number of American states and initiatives. At this meeting, a former Senior Policy Advisor in the US Department of Education (during the Obama administration) was present.

– As I see it the participants were very interested in what we have done in NDLA.  They asked critical and knowledgeable questions, Øivnd Høines says. – Our discussion touched on NDLA’s political basis and our approach to quality assurance. They also asked questions about teachers’ role, and how NDLA have achieved such a high number of users.

Høines is particularly pleased with the recognition NDLA received from his American colleagues. – Recognition from people you yourself admire is motivating. Without inspiration from American commitments to open data, open learning resources and open licensing we could never have started a project like NDLA.
Mr. Høines emphasizes that  this is a recognition to all partners and colleagues who have been involved in the NDLA initiative.

– NDLA is an outstanding model for the creation and dissemination of OER, says Karl Nelson, Director of the Digital Learning Department at the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction – It was a pleasure to learn more about this work and to think about how NDLA’s experiences could be applied in Washington State and across the country.

The contact which now is established with American initiatives is important to NDLA. –To meet colleagues from other parts of the world who are working towards the same goals, is very rewarding, Høines says. –There is always more to be learned than we can teach, and we are now very pleased that NDLA is invited to participate in exchanging ideas with an initiative from USA. The international future for NDLA will not be a lonely one, Høines concludes.

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