NDLA employees gathered at Bekkjarvik in Western Norway in August 2014. Employees collaborate by web services, and the whole staff only meet in real life once a year. 

The company of NDLA is owned by county councils  of 10 counties in Norway. This means that all counties except Oslo participate in the joint venture.  NDLA is a distributed organization with no cental administration. Employees live and work in all parts of Norway. 

The board

One representative from each county, mostly directors of education,  make up the board of NDLA.consists of 10 directors of education and one politician (from Rogaland).

The NDLA delagation from Hordaland in Maastricht 2011. From the left director of education, Svein-Erik Fjeld, NDLA director, Øivind Høines, and deputee county mayor, Mona Hellesnes.

The NDLA delagation at the  ceremony tor the EPSA award in Maastricht 2011 includes both representatives from the owner, the board and the NDLA administration. From  left director of education in Hordaland, Svein-Erik Fjeld, NDLA director, Øivind Høines, and deputee county mayor, Mona Hellesnes, Hordaland county council.

The executive committee

The board, consisting of 10 members, have got a selection of three members who make up an executive committee in between meetings.

The county contacts

NDLA has got a contact person in each county  administration. This servant is a link to all upper secondary schools in the county and is supposed  promote good use of NDLA’s learning resources.

Here is contact information to all county contacts

Work processes, teams and employees

NDLA has got no permanent empoyees, but employ staff for a shorter or longer period. Most of them  have leave from positions in upper secondary schools, which are owned by county councils. Others represent public or private institutions or enterprises. Employees live all over Norway and collaborate by digital services. There is no central administration.

Here is a survey of all current employees in NDLA

NDLA is a  process organized enterprise, based on three main work processes: the management process, the core process and the administrative supporting process.  Most employees are engaged in  the core process as members of teams which contribute in the  production of learning resources.

Here are surveys of the different processes and their employees

The management process (styreprosesser)

The core process (kjerneprosesser)

The administrative and supporting process (administrasjon og støtte)