Liv Heidrun Heskestad from NDLA receives the Boldic Award at a conference about distant learning in Stockholm October 2014. 

Winner of Boldic Award 2014

NDLA was given the Boldic Award 2014 at a conference for distant learning in Stockholm. The BOLDIC AWARD aims to honour people or organisations excelling in the ODL field (Open Distance Learning) in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

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Norwegian Digital Learning Arena (NDLA) is the winner of Boldic Award 2014 of 500 Euros for the innovative NDLA webb repository project

«The overall goal for the project is to deliver open and free digital learning recourses (OER) of  high quality for all, and involve teachers and students in active and participatory learning processes”. NDLA combines a wide coverage of free digital learning resources online and wide context cooperation between teachers and producers. The target groups for OER content production is secondary schools. The resources can eventhough be used in many other ways and forseveral education levels. NDLA allows a learner to use a single delivery learning resource at a particular time, depending on availability and preferences, or a complementary combination of a set of digital learning resources supporting learning anywhere anytime. This is aninnovative project of open and distance learning. The NFDL project uses new ways to start production of open learning resources for all with creative commons licensing .The resources travel well on computors, pads , social webs and they support mobile technologies. By opening up for user-generated content, NDLA has been able to start the transition from a traditional single-mode of content delivery to a dual-mode of delivery andinteraction. NDLA has been able to expand its offerings and increase the use of itsresources within the current financial framework. This makes it easier to optimize resources for investing in resources and innovation capacity.The NDLA projects strategy and soloutions can be scalable over the whole Nordic and Baltic region. This is a unique way to work together to promote online learning and ICT-supported flexible lifelong learning in the Nordic and Baltic region. NDLA meets the requirements of the jury and is a worthy winner of the Boldic Award 2014.

Congratulations! Stockholm 23 October 2014 , The Boldic Award Jury 2014»

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NDLA’s press information about the Boldic Award prize in Norwegian


Deputee county mayor, Mona Hellesnes, Hordaland fylkeskommune, and NDLA director, Øivind Høines, with the European Public Service Award in Maastricht 2011

Deputee county mayor, Mona Hellesnes, Hordaland fylkeskommune, and NDLA director, Øivind Høines, with the European Public Service diploma  in Maastricht 2011

NDLA nominated to the prestigious European Public Service Award 2011

NDLA was nominated for the Eurpean Public Service Award in 2011.
In connection with the nomination NDLA published this press release: Read the press release in the Norwegiuan version here

From the press release in English:

NDLA was a candidate to the EPSA prize under the title “NDLA: Innovation in Acquisition, Development and Distribution of Digital Learning Resources”. In all 274 initiative were assessed, and finally three winners were appointed.
-To be nominated to EPSA 2011 is a great honour, and a recognition of NDLA’s achievements, Øivind Høines, daily manager of NDLA says.
Høines claims that one of the reasons why NDLA gains international attention is due to the way the project is organized.
-We are a distributed organization with a small administrative unit. We have to great extent adopted cloudbased services and a desentralized organization. NDLA is used by both students and teachers. Traffic is increasing rapidly, and services and subjects have been extended during the last years, he explains.

NDLA is a joint production and merchandise enterprise between 18 county councils about development and distribution of digital learning resources in upper secondary education. NDLA produces learning resources in more than 30 subjects for all levels of upper secondary training.

The European Public Service Award (EPSA) is awarded once a year within the EU/EEA-area. It has its offspring in the Lisbon-process, and its ambition is it develop better ways to solve challenges in public administration. This year’s prize is awarded in mid-November in Maastrich, the Netherslands.