International network

Erasmus Plus project

NDLA is partner in the Erasmus Plus project «Metalearn»  entitled «Methods Adapted to the Computerised Learning Environment». The project has 7 partners from 5 different countries:
Norway / Mosjøen /  Mosjøen videregående skole
Norway / Nasjonal Digital Læringsarena, NDLA
Portugal / Praya da Vitoria / Fundação de Ensino Profissional da Praia da Vitoria
Sweden / Vilhelmina / Malgomajskolan
Sweden / Umeå universitet
The Netherlands / Leuwarden / ROC Friese Poort
Turkey / Aydin / Aydin Mimar Sinan Teknik ve Endustri Meslek Lisesi

For more information about the Erasmus Plus project, contact Liv Heidrun Heskestad.

Read article about the project in the local newspaper Helgelendingen

Khan Academy

NDLA cooperates with Khan Academy for translation  into Norwegian of subtitles of videos,  framework and tasks. 

Read more about the project here.
For more information about NDLA and Khan Academy, contact Elisabeth Romedal.


(ikke synlig beskrivelse av bildet)

Nordic collaboration about translation of Khan Academy learning material into Scandinavian languages. NDLA’s representantive, Elisabeth Romedal, to the right.

The PhET project

NDLA cooperates with the PhET project at the University of Colorado, supporting the production of simulations as well as translation and adaption to the Norwegian curriculum.

Read more about the project here.

For more information about NDLA and the PhET project, contact Rune Mathisen.


WorldSkills Europe and WorldSkills International

NDLA attending Euroskills in Lille in France 2014

NDLA attending EuroSkills in Lille in France 2014

NDLA is a member of WorldSkills Norge , which is a member organization of WorldSkills Europe and WorldSkills International.

WorldSkills Norge’s aim is through participation in  vocational competitions to  raise awareness for today’s need for skilled young professionals.  It contributes to higher standards and status for vocational education and training.

NDLA collaborates with WorldSkills Norge becuase it supports the aim of higher standards of training. In the production of high quality teaching material for vocational subjects, NDLA  profits from close contact with the national team of young professionals during national and international events.

Reprecentatives from NDLA have atteneded many of the  spectacular competitions hosted by WorldSkills Europe and WorldSkills International, for instance Euroskills 2014 in Lille, France.

For more information about NDLA and WorldSkills, contact Rune Mathisen.